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About Traunik


"The name "Traunik" originates from the town of Traunik, MI, which is named after the Slovenian village of Travnik. When Slovenians emigrated to America, many of them settled in this area of Michigan, including my father's ancestors. Naming the shop after this northwoods town is my way of paying tribute to the beauty of the Midwest - especially the Great Lakes - and to the paternal side of my family.

That guy is my mom's grandpa, Frank Feyrer. This is an old photograph of him inside of his Barbershop on Vliet Street back in the day. Early in my Barbering career, I was told to pick a nickname because the name "Jessie" (my real name) was too common. In honor of my mom's side and Great Grandpa Frank the Barber, I decided to try out the nickname "Frankie." It stuck, and I've been called it ever since! 


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